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Quilting Creations by Marge

T-Shirt Quilts

Do you have lots of t-shirts laying around? Can’t give them away or throw them away? Let me make them into a treasured quilt to cuddle in or for your bed or to hang on the wall or to give as a gift.

You provide the t-shirts and I will take care of the rest! All the work is done here in Wisconsin in my studio.

Sort through all your favorite shirts from sports events, church events, fundraisers, vacations, concerts, college events, collectibles, like Nascar, and Harley Davison. It would be a great surprise gift for the hubby or the college student. Send them off to college with something handmade and really cool to put on their bed or just to cuddle with when they are cold or miss home. Guaranteed to please and bring a warm smile to their face!
Here is some information and details-

Sweatshirts and jerseys

They can be used unless they are really thick. Just send it and I will let you know.

Preparing the t-shirts

PLEASE DO NOT CUT THEM! All you really have to do is wash them and do not use any fabric softener or dryer sheets. Do not worry about worn spots or stains. They add character.

Taking care of the quilt

You are able to put them in the washer and dryer with ease.

Odd number of shirts

No worries. We can get creative! Sometimes I can combine shirts or put one or 2 on the back of the quilt.

Sizes of the block

Adult t-shirts will be 14”. The sashing in between will be 2”. Border is 2”.Shirts smaller than 15” will be charged an extra piecing fee of $5.00.

Small graphics on chest and sleeve

I can appliqué them on the shirts that have large empty spaces. It really adds to the looks of the quilt. $5.00 fee per appliqué.

Fabrics used

All shirts are stabilized with a good quality interfacing to prevent stretch and add strength to some of those really thin and worn shirts. I use 100% quilters quality fabrics for sashing and backing fabric.

Quilts are quilted

professionally on a longarm machine for durability with an overall, edge to edge design. Custom quilting is available for an extra charge.

Front or back of shirt

We use either the front or back, whichever has the largest graphic. If you want to use both sides, that would make up 2 blocks. Please pin a note on the shirts that have special directions.


If you have a preference on how you would like your t-shirts to look, please make notes on each shirt, such a “row 1, shirt 1” . Please use horizontal layout for the blocks. You can also make a grid and write on it and label each shirt with a matching number or letter to correspond with the grid. If I have any questions I would definitely contact you.

Bed sizes

Here are the typical mattress sizes. Make sure to allow for the drop on the sides, top and bottom.
Twin – 38x75 Double – 54x75 Queen – 60x80 King – 76x80 California King – 72x84

Make sure to allow for the drop on the sides, top, and bottom.

9 blocks 3x3 - $225
Finished size: 50" x 50"

12 blocks 3x4 - $300
Finished size: 50" x 66"

16 blocks 4x4 - $400
Finished size: 66" x 66"

20 blocks 4x5 - $500
Finished size: 66" x 82"

24 blocks 4x6 - $600
Finished size: 66" x 98"

25 blocks 5x5 - $625
Finished size: 82" x 82"

30 blocks 5x6 - $750
Finished size: 82" x 98"

35 blocks 5x7 - $875
Finished size: 82" x 114"

36 blocks 6x6 - $900
Finished size: 98" x 98"

42 blocks 6x7 - $1,050
Finished size: 98" x 114"

Prices include everything. All you need to provide me with is your t-shirts and your order form filled out and any special instructions or requests you may have. I will ship your quilt back to you at no cost!

Extra cost may be incurred if I have to piece some blocks, and or if they are not large enough, or if there are added appliqués from small logos.

Please fill out the t-shirt quilt order form and include it when you send t-shirts.