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Quilting Creations by Marge

Services and Pricing


  • To calculate how many square inches your quilt is just multiply the width of your quilt by the length of your quilt and that will give you how many square inches it is. Then simply multiply that number by the amount such as $.02.


  • $.015 per square inch

Edge to Edge Designs

  • $.0175 and up per square inch, depending on density. Most designs are at the $.0175 to $.02 price point. If it is ever more than that it would always be discussed.
  • Tight stippling is awesome on reproduction quilts as an overall design. It gives it a fabulous texture that after being washed makes it look old. This is extremely time consuming, and uses a lot of thread. The cost for this can range up to $.04 per square inch, depending on how small it is.

Custom Designs

  • My custom pricing starts at $.08 per square inch. Heir loom quilting starts at $.12 per square inch.


  • This is a service many people have requested do I am offering several choices.

Method 1

  • I will trim the quilt and machine stitch the binding to the top. You would hand stitch it to the back. $1.00 a running foot.

Method 2

  • I will trim the quilt, machine stitch it to the back, bring it around to the front and machine stitch it down to the front. $2.00 a running foot.

Method 3

  • I will trim the quilt, machine stitch it to the front, and hand stitch it to the back (most traditional method). $4.00 a running foot.

Method 4 (custom binding)

  • Bias binding for scalloped edges and curves. Prices discussed at time of consultation.
  • For cutting, joining, and pressing binding, the charge is $20.00 per hour.


See batting page to read about different battings and the differences between them.

  • 80/20 (heirloom) - 98" wide, $10.00 a yard. 120" wide - $13.00 a yard. Also comes in black.
  • 100% cotton - 98" wide, $11.00 a yard.
  • Heirloom Washable Wool (my personal favorite) - 108" wide - $20.00 per yard.
  • Polyester - I use a high quality poly that comes in various thicknesses. Widths and prices vary depending on width and density.

Miscellaneous charges

  • Pressing quilt top, and or backing, at your request. $20.00 per hour.
  • Baste down flanges. $.10 per running inch.
  • Stay stitch around pieced edges of quilt if pieced. $.10 per running inch.
  • Making a backing from your yardage. I will measure, cut, seam, press and square up your back for $15.00 per seam.
  • Wash dry and press your wide backing upon request. $25.00.
  • Hanging sleeve. Please send preferred fabric. $.75 a running inch. It will be hand stitched down.
  • Any other miscellaneous work, $20.00 per hour.
  • Returned check fee. $35.00.

Custom label

  • Tell us what you would like to say on your label and we will embroider it out for you in a color to blend with your quilt backing. Every quilt should have a label. $25.00 and up.

Sending your quilt