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Quilting Creations by Marge

Comfort Quilts

When a loved one passes on...

Comfort quilts are made from your loved ones' clothing to comfort you and commemorate their life. Comfort quilts can include clothing, such as dresses, blouses, jeans, t-shirts, etc.

Let me make a quilted memory for you and your family. It will be a treasured heirloom to be passed down for generations.

They will be pieced in a simple manner and professionally quilted and bound.

The clothing should be washed and dried before sending it to me. NO FABRIC SOFTENER. Please send as many articles of clothing as possible and I will return any unused items.

I can also make an embroidered label for your quilt which can state who the quilt was made in honor of and who it was made for and any additional important information.

Average sizes (within a few inches)

Lap or cuddle quilt - 50" x 65"

Twin bed quilt - 65" x 90"

Full bed quilt - 80" x 90"

Queen bed quilt - 86" x 95"

King bed quilt - 100" x 95"

The quilt will be able to be laundered in the washer and dryer.


I charge $15 an hour to prepare and piece the quilt top and back, the charge for professionally longarm quilting it and binding it. There would be a charge for materials if there is not enough fabric from the clothing. Also if some of the fabrics are stretchy I will need to add a stabilizer and that would be a minimal cost.

For any concerns or questions please see my contact page.

I require a $200 deposit when you either bring or send me the clothes.

Please fill out the comfort quilt order form and include it when you send clothing.