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Quilting Creations by Marge

Batting Information

There are many different kinds of batting. I really prefer to use mine because it comes off a large roll nice and smooth. Batting in packages have fold lines and it is hard to get it really flat and smooth.

Preshrinking Batting

All batting can be preshrunk by hand submerging in warm water in your bath tub or washing machine. Do not wash! You are only soaking the batting and then place in the drier on a low heat setting. See below for some basic info on the different types of batting.

80/20 (Heirloom batting)

It is one of my most popular battings. It is made up of 80% natural cotton and 20%fine polyester. It is pretty lightweight. The loft is 1/8”+. The shrinkage is 3% - 5%.

100% cotton

It is very sustainable and friendly to the environment, and always has been. Centuries of quilt making have proven the strength and durability of this natural fiber. The shrinkage is 3% - 5%. I highly recommend this for reproduction quilts.

Heirloom washable wool

My personal favorite, especially for bed quilts. It is more absorbent than any other fiber. It breathes and acts as a natural insulator helping to maintain a comfortable temperature, all four seasons of the year. Heirloom wool beards less than any other wool in the world. It is very lightweight, with a beautiful loft. It is used a lot in show quilts. It has a loft of 1/4" - 3/8". It does not shrink at all.


It does not shrink at all. The very thin poly is great for tablecloths, table runners, etc. For people who like a really "puffy" look, the thicker loft works great. Polyester is very lightweight. Loft vary from 1/8" to 3/4".